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Ownership of the Go-BedandBreakfast system belongs to Plexus Media Ltd, 2 Bank St, Cromarty, Ross-shire, Scotland.

Ownership of the content of individual B & B sites belongs to the owners of the B&Bs themselves. It is the responsibility of these individuals to ensure that they own the copyright (or have the permission of the copyright holder) of all material (text, documents and images) which they add to their sites.

Plexus Media Ltd does not take responsibility for the veracity of any information placed on individual B&B websites, and is not liable for any offense, cost or damage which arises from such inaccurate information.

Advertising placed on FREE sites will be at the discretion of Plexus Media Ltd alone. Plexus will endeavour to ensure that the advertising is sensitively chosen, and does not contain any offensive material.

Plexus Media may suspend or delete any B&B website if they believe the site is being misused, or has not been updated within a twelve month period.

Individual B&Bs may request that their site is suspended or deleted by sending a letter to Plexus Media Ltd.

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