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Free websites

Go Build provides updateable websites for anyone with an interest in building. Each site is easily editable by anyone with an internet connection and an admin password. They contain News pages, Document Libraries, Calendars, Guestbooks and much much more - see the full spec here.

Best of all, you can have one for FREE! - with no risk and no obligation.

What's the catch?

We have three 'funding methods' to allow us to provide these websites to you. In each case, the facilities built in to the website are exactly the same.

We supply you with the website, your admin password and all the help you need to get up and running, with no cost to you whatsoever. To help us pay for the site we'll add advertising in the right-hand column. These will normally be Google adwords context ads, the kind you are likely to see on hundreds of other websites.

If you don't like the idea of having advertising on your site you can pay us an annual fee of £24.95 inc VAT. The right-hand column of your website will remain blank.

If you don't mind having advertising, but would like to be in control of it, we can give you the facility to show banner adverts in the right-hand column. For instance, you might have a banner advertising a new building product, and linking to their website. You would still pay us the £24.95 inc VAT, but could claim some or all of it from your sponsor. In fact, you could even have more than one banner advert and make money on the deal. What you sell the advertising for is your business.

And we'll be happy to switch between these models each year, so if your budget won't stretch to a paid site one year, then it can simply revert to a free one with adverts.

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