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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we get?
Pretty much everything you're likely to need - see the full spec here.

What if we want our own domain?
All sites hosted by us will be available using an address such as www.go-bedandbreakfast/mybanb/ but you can easily register a domain of your own and point it at that folder, so that someone going to www.mybandb.co.uk would arrive at the site. This can be extremely cheap (under 5 per year), but if you want the site to be fully hosted on your own domain, this can be done through our web hosts, Calico, who can set you up with a domain and email address for around 15 per annum.

What if we want more facilities?
We're happy to discuss creating additional facilities to add to your website - we may need to charge you for creating such facilities, or if we feel it would be beneficial to all customers we may create it and make it available system wide.

How can it be free?
The only difference between the free and paid up versions of the site is that the right-hand column of your site will contain advertising - normally Google ads, the kind you see on thousands of other websites. If at any time you decide you don't want those on your site you can pay the annual fee. If you prefer not to pay in later years then that's fine, you simply revert to a free site again.

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